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Man & Luton Box Van, Handyman and House Maintenance

Goods in Transit £10,000 Public Liability £2million

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Moves & Removes, its proprietors, associates and insurers accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury (however caused) to goods or persons transported in this vehicle. This includes to and from the vehicle and while in transit. You are responsible for the safe packaging of your own property during transport, we accept no responsibility for transport of TV's, Computer hard ware, Stereos, games machines or other delicate items that are not packed in the original manufacturers packaging or other suitable protective packaging.

Persons travelling in this vehicle are doing so free of charge and voluntarily and do so at their own risk. Moves & Removes, its proprietors, associates and insurers will not be held liable for any compensation monetary or otherwise for any such loss, damage or injury.

Please be aware that our insurance only covers the transportation of goods, furniture and personal items in the vehicle, not to and from the vehicle. It does not cover any unpackaged items or items pre-packed or carried by you (the client (or the client's representatives)).

We are not insured to carry livestock so please be aware that any animal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, etc., is carried at the owners risk. This includes fish tanks which must be empty of all water before being moved. Any glass tanks are transported entirely at the owners risk and we cannot be held liable for any breakages.

If you only hire one man please be sure that you have your own insurance to cover anyone that helps with loading , unloading and transportation as Moves & Removes, its proprietors, associates and insurers accept no responsibility for injury to person or persons not employed by the company, however caused.

We do not hold ourselves responsible for any parking charges, so please make sure that you have a parking permit or that there is a meter or loading bay as close as possible to the entry of the building.

Please be aware that parking charges, toll fees, congestion charges, and the like will be added to the bill unless paid by the customer in advance and on production of a valid receipt.


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