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Important Things To Remember

Before handing in your keys take readings form gas, electric and water (if fitted) meters and keep them somewhere safe.

Contact the service providers for your new home to make sure your services are connected as soon as possible when you move in.

Inform your bank and credit card providers, doctor, university, workplace, etc., of your change of address.

Change your address on your driving licence, passport, bus pass, etc.

It is a good idea to arrange for your mail to be redirected or picked up from the post office for at least one month from your move date.

Handy Hints to Help Make Your Move Go Smoothly

We want to take the best possible care of your precious items. So here are a few simple hints to consider when packing:

If there are parking restrictions or limited parking spaces outside your property can you please reserve a space for the driver to park his van for ease of access for your move, e.g. ask neighbours if they can park elsewhere for a few hours or place your bins or other items outside to reserve the space.

Always make sure china, glass, etc. is well wrapped (preferably individually) and packed in strong boxes with secure bottoms.

Please make sure that where possible TV's, Computer hard ware, Stereos, games machines or other delicate items are packed in the original manufacturers packaging or if not in other suitable protective packaging.

Clothes and soft items can be packed in strong black sacks.

Please empty wardrobes, cupboards, fridges and freezers before the move as they will be easier and safer to handle.

Dismantle any very large items, if it is possible to do so.

Pack books in smaller boxes.

Remember if you cannot lift the box, then we probably can't either. Lighter boxes are safer than heavy ones as there is less risk of the bottoms falling through.

If you have the original packaging for your TV, please use it. If not please wrap it well. We will endeavour to protect your TV in the best way we can but cannot be held responsible for unboxed TV's.

We cannot be held responsible for any goods packed by you.

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